Company Profile


 Raymac Surveys Ltd. is currently in its 43rd year of operations in Western Canada and the Canadian Arctic.  Raymac Surveys Ltd. has extensive experience working with Oil, Gas, and Mining companies providing Seismic Surveys, GIS/Mapping, Benchmark Monitoring, and Underground Control Surveys. Raymac Surveys Ltd. provides a senior management team with over 75 Years combined experience in the industry, and a team of Field Supervisors including Catpushes, Mappers, and Survey Coordinators with over 100 years combined experience.




Specializing in Seismic Surveys in the Oil, Gas, and Potash Mining industries. Design Layout, locating,  surveying, and directing cutting operations. Extensive experience in Subsidence Monument surveys for the Potash Mining industry.


As part of successful communication between all contractors working onsite, a map gives all workers a visual
representation of how to access around the project site safely, and any hazards they will encounter.
With plotters on each work site, daily updates of the map can be provided to the onsite crew based on the previous days
survey and hazards identified.


Raymac Surveys ability to locate the buried facilities which allows for the survey crew to remodel the project as it is laid out
vs waiting for facility owners to complete the locates on their own time schedule.